1. Go to "Add new" in the menu below Mollie Forms

2. Fill in a title, which is not visible for the customer.

3. Add your own fields. Some fields are required which are added automatically, like a name and e-mail field. You can still change the labels of these fields.

4. Add your price options.

5. Then, fill in all the required settings like the Mollie API-key and payment description.

6. Optionally, you can enable emails which are possible to yourself and the customer.

7. As final step you need to enable payment methods. To do this, you need to first save the form. All the available payment methods are retrieved with the Mollie API-key. Check the desired payment methods. In case of a missing method, enable it in your Mollie Dashboard.

t's also possible to add a fee per payment method which the customer has to pay extra if he/she chooses that payment method.

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